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The C300 Mark II is here!

Production Services is excited to announce that they have recently purchased a C300 Mark II. This is a great opportunity for the students as they will now be able to become more familiar with top of the line equipment used in the professional field. The camera has many new features such as 4k shooting capabilities, CFast memory cards that supports a recording rate of over 400Mb/s, dual DIGIC DV5 processors, and canon Log2 transfer curve for HDR recording.

The camera also comes with a OLED viewfinder along with a detachable hand grip, and a status display. Utilization of the the C300 Mark II is an excellent opportunity for the students working in Production Services. This camera is great for shooting documentaries and has the capability to shoot for television, commercials, and motion picture projects.

The structure of Production Services is much like a business model preparing Monmouth University students for a career in production.

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