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Our Team

Kel Grant

Kel Grant joined the Production Services team in the summer of her senior year. In her time with us, she has played role of Associate Producer, Assistant Editor, and Camera Operator. 

Kel graduated in 2018 with a degree in Radio & Television production and has entered into the Master’s Program to explore Interactive Digital Media. She is now acting as the Graduate Assistant for the department – focusing on communication, marketing and leadership as she pursues the business side of the media industry. The thing that excites Kel the most about Production Services is learning to work with varying personalities whether it be coworkers, industry professionals or clients.


Graduate Assistant


Nathaniel J. Gonzo

Student Crew

Nathaniel J. Gonzo is Junior and this is his first semester working in Production Services. He is a Communications major with a concentration in television production 

production and someday hopes to be able to use the production experience he has gained from his work here to create content that is both artistic and entertaining.

William O'Neill

Student Crew

Haley Gasparine is a senior Communication TV/Radio major with a minor in French. She has a love for both film and theatre and hopes to someday combine her two passions by working as a

videographer/photographer for a theatre company (or maybe even Broadway!) As a writer, Haley would also love to publish/produce some of her own work for either the screen or the stage. She is excited to work with Production Services for the chances to hone in on her video and post-production skills.

Olivia Stephens

Student Crew

Olivia Stephens is a Communication major studying T.V. and radio at Monmouth University. She works more with the T.V. side but has experience in using radio editing technology. She loves being in 

front or behind the camera as well as editing. She helps out with production work as well. Through Production Services she hopes to better her editing skills and become more of a versatile worker. She hopes to have a job at a production company in any major city either editing, working cameras, or working in the control room.  

Jared Garcia


Student Crew

Jared Garcia is a Communication major, with a focus in T.V. and radio at Monmouth University. He is currently working to sharpen his video production skills, whether that means being out in the field, 

Dylan McGilloway

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 8.02.11 PM.png

Dylan McGilloway is a senior Communication major with a focus in Radio and Television, from Toms River, NJ. He started working in video in high school, which gave him the foundation for when he came to Monmouth. Since coming to Monmouth and working at Production Services Dylan has been able to work on

some amazing projects and network with knowledgeable professionals. Through Production Services he’s learned about the pre-production process, production, and the post-production process. Production Services has helped groom Dylan into a professional and has given him the skills to succeed in all facets of the workforce. After he graduates in May of 2019 he hopes to use the skills he acquired at Monmouth and Production Services to find a career in digital marketing.

shooting within a studio, or inside an edit suite. In the future, Jared hopes to work in the industry, making a career out of writing, directing and producing creative content. Being part of Production Services provides great learning opportunities and a potential experience in his career of interest. The balance between maintaining professionalism, as well as an educational environment provides enough space for growth and experimentation, with equipment and material in the coming years.

Student Crew


Emily Stephens

Student Crew

Emily Stephens is currently a junior here at Monmouth University studying Communication, T.V. Radio. This is her first year with Production Services and she’s already gained a great deal of knowledge about the field on a professional level. 

Werlhens Francois


Emily enjoys all aspects of production, shooting a live broadcast might be the most thrilling for her though. She is very eager to become versatile with all the studio equipment and procedures. She hopes her experience at Production Services will help her narrow down what exactly she loves doing most in the communication field.

Student Crew

Werlhens Francois is earning a degree in Communication, T.V. and Radio. Werlhens aspires to become a sports analyst or broadcaster, or to have his own sports TV show featuring athletes. He is excited to be working 

for Production Services because he knows he will learn more outside the range of Hawk TV regarding live studio production, such as proper lighting, set design, how to work router cameras, and become a better director. Of all this, Werlhens hopes his experience here will help him with his own show on Hawk TV and better his reel.

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